Tim Stumbaugh

Tim Stumbaugh

A work in progress


Hi! I'm Tim. I grew up in Loveland, Colorado, but I currently reside in Brooklyn, New York. I frequently go by "stum" as my life has many times involved being a part of groups with numerous Tims.

In November of 2013, I started working for Hudson River Trading on the Trading Operations team (a very industry specific role).

From August of 2012 to October of 2013, I worked for Abine, an internet privacy startup, managing their virtualized infrastructure.

In June of 2012, I graduated from MIT with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I was also a member of the MIT-Gordon Engineering Leadership Program.

I describe myself thusly: athlete. command, achiever, analytical, deliberative, maximizer. curious. cynical, conscientious, tenacious, outgoing. tall.

I am passionate about the craft of software engineering, and I prefer working on codebases with deliberate design, useful commit messages and clean histories. I firmly care about minimizing unnecessary complexity (organizational, architectural, code) and technical debt. I believe that empathy is a core engineering value.

I find success by remembering that there are no technical solutions to social problems.

My Work

I currently work on the Trading Operations team at Hudson River Trading (HRT). As a team, we are responsible for managing the production trading environment. That ranges from real-time monitoring to post-trade development. We write all of our own tools, primarily in Python, a language I am quite fond of.

One of my favorite things about HRT is the wealth of knowledge of my coworkers and their willingness to share that knowledge. I knew very little C++ before coming to HRT, and I still wouldn't say that I "have C++ experience," but I have made many contributions in C++ when needed. HRT is really a great place to learn.

The best part about my job is that it's a highly technical role but isn't always programming.

Lives Past

Some things I used to work on:

Abine — Most of the things I worked on were not what I was expecting to do, but generalists thrive at a startup! I developed infrastructure automation (in Chef) while learning how the world of the cloud works. I also made substantial contributions to the organizational and technical processes to reduce technical debt and human involvement. I engineered some internal tools, mostly around analytics and reporting.

I Saw You MIT — In December of 2009, I co-founded this site with my friend Keone. I learned a lot about internet communities. At the height of its popularity, we received 3000 visits a day.

Discover Electrical Engineering and Computer Science — A Freshman Pre-orientation Program sponsored by MIT's department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I served as a staff member in 2009 and as one of two coordinators in 2010 and 2011.

MIT Greek Life — In February of 2009, I was initiated as a brother in The Bond of the Massachusetts Gamma Chapter of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. During my tenure, I served as the chapter's steward, network administrator, warden (ritualist) and new member educator.
I served the MIT InterFraternity Council for a little over a year, first as the interim PR chair, then as the Vice President. In the spring of my senior year, I was awarded the Frederick Gardiner Fassett, Jr. Award for service to the MIT Fraternity, Sorority and Independent Living Groups community.

Teaching at MIT — Some of my favorite experiences from school were the times where I was able to share what I knew while furthering my own knowledge. I served as a lab assistant for 6.01, MIT's introductory EE/CS course and 6.189, an introductory Python course taught during January. I was also a teaching assistant for 6.170, a course in medium-scale software engineering.

Eidetic Technologies (AKA Tech by Tim) — Inspired by early memories of trying to teach my grandfather to play Klondike Solitaire on a computer, I founded and ran a not-for-profit company to provide free tech support to seniors in Northern Colorado during my Junior and Senior years of high school. I made around 200 house calls to 124 different homes. I received a grant from a local family to defray the costs of providing this service.

Hobbies, et cetera

I've occasionally been accused of being over-committed. I prefer to think of it as being varied in my interests.

I swam competitively from 6 to 22. I was twice state champion in high school and received a number of accolades in college, including being named MIT freshman athlete of the year and receiving two All-American titles. I have swam races in both the Hudson and East Rivers

I competed in the 2016 and 2017 NYC Triathlons and the shortened 2019 Chicago Triathlon (after extreme weather canceled the 2019 NYC Tri). I enjoy racing in traditional running events (5Ks, 10Ks and a few half marathons so far), overnight relays and novelty endurance events (e.g. Tough Mudder, Muddy Buddy). I organized HRT's first ever entry (including tryouts!) into the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay, where we placed third. While we haven't repeated the first year's success, I am proud that we still place in the top 5, despite being a much smaller company than the other teams.

From late 2012-2013, I rowed with the MIT Rowing Club and helped stabilize the organization as the interim President.

I danced with MIT DanceTroupe, a performance dance group run entirely by students, for three years. I served as a choreographer and officer.

I am Private Pilot. I trained with CFI Chris Dupin at the East Coast Aero Club at Hanscom Field (BED) while I lived in Boston.

My favorite food is anything with caramelized onions. My favorite place to be is Summerhouse at Crescent Beach, FL. My favorite color is a deep, almost lapis, azure (see the color of the links on this page). My favorite RPGs are made by BioWare. My favorite punctuation mark is the emdash. My favorite Linux userland initialization system is systemd, and like the project, I prefer that my moniker (stum) be stylized in all lowercase. My favorite open-source license is the 3-clause BSD License. I know how to exit most text editors, but I like emacs.

I would prefer that the technological singularity occur in my lifetime.

Reaching Me

I read email at me@tjstum.com. I frequently (but not always) use the username stum or anabus.

I maintain a Facebook profile, update as @anabus on Twitter, post my life's adventures in photos as tjstum on Instagram, play Foursquare and socially code as tjstum on GitLab.

I have a résumé if you want that, but a lot of my specific experience is described on this page in more depth.